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Photo retouching includes removing blemishes, red eye, spots, skin flaws, hair imperfections, teeth streaks, etc; and performing other manipulations on your photo to make it look perfect. Professional artists and graphic designers who are well-trained and sufficiently equipped in this line carry out techniques ranging from basic to high-end abode Photoshop image editing. These editing services include HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, color grading, digital manipulation, portrait enhancement and many more. Photo retouching services are not just meant for photographs; they are also done for product images, portraits and abstract objects.

Here is a look at the different kinds of photo retouching services offered by us.

Catalogue Retouching Service
This specialty service enhances the appearance of your models or products to make your catalogue more attractive and appealing to your customers. Here, product colors are changed; dirt, blemishes and scars removed; unpleasant backgrounds modified; blotches retouched; and many more.

Portrait Retouching Service
This specialty service well understands that the value of photographs and paintings is in their visual appearance; and hence, restores and preserves it. Here, adjustments, alterations and additions are made where applicable. This service is therefore an invaluable asset to image and photo lovers as these enable them to recapture the best bygone moments including college days, weddings, hangouts, birthdays and many more.

Jewelry Retouching Service
This process includes manipulating digital pictures of bracelets, rings, earring and necklaces to look as per client’s expectations. It is done by applying different highly delicate methods and techniques.

General Photo Retouching Service
This service is offered by all photographers in order to enhance the appearance of the person, concept or product. Techniques such as dark spots removal, anti-aging treatment, sun damage clearance, diamond and gem shining, etc are done for this purpose.

High-end Photo Retouching
This includes the retouching and enhancing of images in websites, portfolio, beauty/fashion prints, products, advertisements, magazines, etc by a qualified editor. Lip corrections, skin smoothening, color corrections, stray hair removal, red eye correction, blemish and wrinkle removal, eyes sharpening, etc are done.

Product Retouching Service
This service imparts high resolution and significance to product images such as cars, devices, accessories, automobiles, real estate, home decors, fashion industry, electronic gadgets, etc by removing unlikely details and defects, correcting sharpness, removing dust, accentuating texture, removing blinks, and many more.

Photo Retouching for Advertisement
Under this service, commercial photos are retouched to glamorize them for marketing purposes. Images in ecommerce sites are usually retouched for advertising.

Photo retouching services are expensive digital repair services as they employ advanced photo restoration craftsmanship and techniques. However, it definitely is worth your money.

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