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Photo clipping is a labor-intensive type of photo editing which involves background removal using clipping paths. Clipping paths are outlines created with the help of the pen tool in a photo editing software such as InDesign, Illustrator, Corel Draw or Abode Photoshop. These are generally used to cut out an image from its background. After a clipping path is applied around an image, everything that it encompasses gets includes in the final cut, and everything that lies out of it gets discarded.

Why Clipping Path?

Current trends in the world of business are graphics and online selling. In order to gain success in their endeavors, businesses have to present their product images in an eye-catching way. Additionally, they need to get this work done in a short span, as the trader has to concentrate on other business aspects. However, the photo editing work is quite a time consuming one. Taking the help of a reliable photo clipping service provides comes as a fantastic solution here. Numerous photo editing services are out there; and the best of them all is Graphicdes!

Graphicdes’ Photo Clipping Services

We at Graphicdes have the best professionals in photo editing. Our experts have offered their photo clipping services to diverse clients including individuals, magazine companies, photographic studios, advertising companies, catalogue organizations, print press organizations, graphic design services, and web development companies. Our photo clipping services are not just limited to background removal. They also encompass the following-

It involves rendering a perfect edge on the product using a transparent layer.

Image Manipulation
This involves enhancing and merging image quality analogically and digitally.

Color Path
This includes removing colors from images and refilling them with choice colors using advanced fill effects.

Drop Shadow
This involves providing the object or product with a shadow at its back.

Photo Retouching
This involves removing spots, dusts and other undesirable elements from your photos.

Why Graphicdes?

  • We have helped clients present their products including fashion items, jewelry, food, furniture, etc, in the best way possible.
  • We are equipped with cutting edge tools and techniques for providing high quality photo editing and clipping services.
  • We ensure that you are happy with our work.
  • We provide our photo clipping services at affordable costs, although it is labor-intensive.
  • We respect your privacy; and so do not share your photos with anyone else.

Visible imperfections are always a part of photos and images. Graphicdes’s photo clipping services help in generating stunning versions of those to make a difference in your business world! We are just a click away!

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