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Magazine businesses have to provide unique and affordable services than their competitors to survive the fierce competition faced. One of the effective strategies is to focus on the core aspects of your magazine, and outsource the less critical tasks to cost-friendly and reliable partners. One feature which can be easily outsourced is the designing of your magazine. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reasonable magazine designing service provider out there, XYZ -the best of them all is here!

Our team of magazine designers

We have a team of the most competent professionals in the field of magazine designing and layout editing. Our skilled designers are highly capable of handling the A to Z of your magazine’s designing process as per your specifications. We strongly believe in creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and hence offer tailored solutions to serve your magazine’s specific needs.

Magazine designing services provided by Graphicdes

We take up magazine designing services for different kinds of publishers from around the world. You can outsource the designing of your magazines, textbooks, technical manuals, newspapers, newsletters, ebooks, paperback books, annual reports, etc to us. We will ensure that your template is designed, edited, and made print-ready as per our service agreement signed with you.

How do we work on your magazine designing?

Our magazine designing services combine artistic design with technical quality by working on the key elements including typography, illustration, content, photography, grid work and white space.

We ensure that the font we are using, its size and style keeps your reader interested in your content without getting distracted by the other design elements.

We opt for the right images, photos and colors; and thus provide the best illustration that aptly fits the page’s content.

Our team of professional writers and editors are capable of developing the right content for your magazines.

Grid Work
We design each and every page with symmetrical and asymmetrical grids which perfectly complements your magazine’s nature; and thus make it attractive.

White Space
We understand that white spaces are also important design elements that draw attention to your content; and hence make use of it wherever appropriate.

What are technologies used?

We employ the latest technologies including Abode Illustrator, Abode InDesign, Abode Photoshop CC, Abode Photoshop Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, and CorelDRAW for designing and editing your magazine. We also ensure that our team members are trained and made proficient in the updated technologies.

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