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Images and photos of any sort always come with imperfections. Rectifying these undesirable features in those images helps in bringing out their best look. Image manipulation involves the digital or analog process of manipulating and modifying images or photos to correct or enhance their features. There are a lot of methods used to manipulate and improve images. If you are looking for a reliable photo manipulation service, the most trustworthy one out there is here! Graphicdes has been rendering its excellent services in image manipulation for several years now!

Why Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation done on business images and keep-sake photos enhance their aesthetic value and appearance. Business photographs can greatly benefit from image manipulation as they boost your sales by being appealing to the eyes of potential buyers.

Graphicdes’ Image Manipulation Services

  • Adding individuals or placing missing ones to group photos.
  • Red eye correction
  • Removal of jagged edges
  • Background replacement
  • Removal of wrinkles and spots
  • Cropping and enlarging
  • Removal, addition or replacement of objects
  • Watermark addition to images
  • Photo beautification
  • Transforming photos into cartoons, paintings or sketches.
  • Eye color changing

How do we work?

Graphicdes uses software including KPT, Abode Photoshop, Chromatica, and Creative Suite 6 Premium with Eye Candy 3.01 and other plug-ins using techniques such as tonal cooperation, cropping, etc for photo and image manipulations. Our well experienced and qualified digital designers have a deep understanding of color theory, lighting usage, perspective changes, retouching, image alteration and many more that make your images meet your expectation.

Why Graphicdes?
  • We use high-end photo manipulation software for creating unmatched outcomes.
  • We assure you high quality image enhancement services.
  • We work in accordance with your unique requirements, personal preferences and needs.
  • We ensure that you are completely happy with our image manipulation services.
  • We offer our services at affordable costs, although they are labor-intensive.
  • We respect your privacy; and therefore do not share your snaps with the rest of the world.
  • We have the experience and expertise in using image manipulation techniques to create remarkable images.
  • Graphicdes is well equipped to handle images in different formats. We also deliver your finished images in the format that you ask for.

Graphicdes are experts in offering inspiring image manipulation services. We constantly thirst to create something new in unique ways. Choose us for all of your image manipulation needs, and feel the difference!

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