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Business cards are effective direct marketing tools even in this digital era. They aid in offering a first impression of your brand; generating genuine business connections; and promoting your business via secondary sharing of cards. Business cards are therefore quite important for promoting yourself in today’s word.

However, your business cards’ layout has a big say in deciding whether it stays with the one to whom you have given it, or falls by the wayside in this increasingly automated world. It is therefore crucial to choose your card designer wisely.

Why Graphicdes?

Graphicdes is one of the best business card designers out there. Our years of experience and expertise have earned us a distinguished name in this field. We create appealing, unique and excellent business cards with latest patterns; and ensure that they provide clear cut info of your business.

Our Business Card Designing Services

We at Graphicdes create the following business cards

  • Standard Business Cards : These are basic business cards that are perfectly printed and trimmed.
  • Premium Business Cards : These cards are ideal in making a professional impression for those who sell premium services or products.
  • Embossed Business Cards : Embossed business cards are great ways to gain the attention of people in your business world.
  • Matte Business Cards : Simple yet subtle, the matter business cards are ever in trend.
  • Gloss Business Cards :The feel of a glossy card imparts the impression that you mean business with flair.
  • Appointment Business Cards : Business cards that also act as appointment cards ensure that your clients do not miss their appointment spots with you.

How do we do it?

In order to create business cards that make good impressions, our professionals ensure that the following elements are handled with care

  • Fonts : The font choice used in your business card plays a crucial role in talking of your business.
  • Colors : Appropriate use of colors complements your personality.
  • Spaces : We use space wisely to enable focusing on what is important.
  • Balance : We incorporate a perfect balance of the font, color and space elements to ensure easy readability and understanding.
  • Paper suggestions : Our experts help you to decide upon the best paper type to suit your business card.
  • Shine : If you wish, we will varnish or emboss your name on your card to make it shine out.

Graphicdes professionals are always enthusiastic in creating unique and customized business cards based on your profile and ideas. We design your card and offer revisions till you are satisfied and happy with it! So, get to us now!

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