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Brochures are pamphlets or leaflets used for introducing and advertising events, products or services. Brochures play a key role in bringing sales to any business even in this digital era. Graphicdes has been offering it brochure design services to its diverse clients from different parts of the world. We offer comprehensive solutions for all your brochure marketing needs – from outlining your messages and concepts, to the final printing.

Our Brochure Designing Services

We at Graphicdes design the following types of brochures.

  • Bi-folds : These types of brochures are ideal for simple business presentations.
  • Tri-folds : These are compact brochures which are easy to fold and read.
  • Multipage bi-folds : These brochures are used for promotional programs.
  • Folders : These are great for promoting business material.
  • Inserts : These are flyers that are kept inside folders; and act as promotional pieces, sales sheets, or spec sheets.
  • Booklets : These are multi-paged brochures used for catalogues, presentations, and corporate profiles.
  • Gate-fold brochures : These are ideal brochures for graphically heavy designs.
  • Double gate-fold brochures : These are ideal brochures for large presentations
  • Accordion fold brochures : These are great for information- and text-heavy designs.
  • Double-parallel brochures : These are perfect for information desks and tourist centers.
  • Roll-fold brochures : These are ideal brochures for tutorial and step-by-step information.
  • 2D brochures : These are wide range of Unique & Creative 2D Brochure Design

Why Graphicdes?

Graphicdes knows the inside-outs of brochure designing. We are blessed with talented professionals with deep understanding of the delicate and crucial process of marketing. For, we believe in the following words ‘Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!’ - Steve Jobs, the CEO, chairman and co-founder of Apple Inc.

We also know that you know well about your business, than we do. So, we let you to get involved in your brochure’s designing process as much as you wish. We take the effort and time to get to know more from you regarding your products, services, operations, ideas, etc; and render more than you expect.

  • We aim to foster partnerships and deliver customized brochure designs.
  • Our team members are creative, vibrant and dynamic.
  • We are affordable and reliable.
  • We design brochures that bring sales and help in your business’ growth.
  • We help you decide upon the right size, design style, and printing quality of your brochures.
  • We offer our services with the quickest turn-around time.
  • We revise and edit your brochure design until you are happy and satisfied with it.

So, why wait? Get your brochures designed by us! Get noticed!

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