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Why Opt for Audio Editing Services?

Audio editing ensures that your audio is of high quality, be it your radio program, corporate meeting, or conference call. It is however a complex process which involves the use of different software at various editing and mixing stages. In-house audio editing is therefore costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing it to experienced and skilled audio editing services ensures highest quality level, costs less, and gets done in a quick turnaround time; and hence is a great option.

Audio Editing Services Offered At Graphicdes

Graphicdes has been offering a comprehensive range of high quality digital audio editing services to its clients worldwide for several years now. These include:

Basic Editing
This involves removing mistakes, fade ins/outs, track shortening, and transient noises removal.

This includes adding intro/outro titling to your video; making modifications to suit with the visuals; and adding loopable elements according to your requirements.

This involves the audio speed alterations made to perfectly suit with the visual time frame; and slowing down or speeding up the music according to the situation.

This includes blending sound effects and including background ambiences for musical programs.

As per your requirement, we can add sections of music, cut off the solos, dismantle and reassemble your audio, etc.

Format conversion
We can convert your audio format from one to another. We handle MP3s, real medias, waves, Windows media, and I Tunes.

How Do We At Graphicdes Do It?

We use different advanced tools to create audios of exceptional quality. Some of the common software include-

  • Adobe Audition for mixing, audio editing, effects and restoration via control surface and real time clip stretching.
  • Magix Music Maker, an audio-mixing-software for integration of virtual instruments, sound effects and digital music.
  • AVS Audio Editor for creating ringtones, cutting different audio formats, applying audio effects, and exporting audio from video files.
  • WavePad, an audio editing and production tool for noise reduction, echo, amplification, and generating outputs in diverse formats.
  • Sound Track Pro, a Mac-based software for adding sound effects and instrument loops.

We at Graphicdes offer our high quality audio editing services at affordable costs, and within a limited time frame. Our professionals are not only trained in the latest audio-editing software usage; but are also strengthened to maintain client data confidentiality and ensure their security. Once edited by us, the complete ownership of your audio belongs to you! So, why wait? Get to us, to get your audio editing done by competent professionals!

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